Pail Liners

We can offer two types of pail liner, our Form Inliner™ and Round Bottom Liner. Both liners can be adapted to suit the exact size of your container and in a range of materials.

Form Inliner™

NITTEL Form Inliners™ fit each pail like a second skin without any folds or pockets which make the liner ideal for use with mixers, pumps and follower plates, for example Form Inliners™ have a contoured lip that fits over the rim of the pail preventing leakage between the liner and the pail wall. They are particularly suitable for adhesives, colours, cosmetics, silicone and food products.

Round Bottom Liners

NITTEL Round Bottom Liners are manufactured by welding a circular disc to one end of an open ended tube of material. The weld then forms a liquid tight seal. This technology provides a high level of tear resistance. The accurate fit of the liner reduces the formation of creases and air pockets, which is often a problem with ordinary flat bags.

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How to install a NITTEL Round Bottom Liner (LDPE)